DJ Jondal and Ketchup Music start Cooperation

DJ Jondal stations at Ketchup Music in 2017.
DJ Jondal and Ketchup Music start a new Cooperation

Ketchup Music is an exclusive and high-end B2B music provider for hotels, restaurants, bars and any other public locations. They have clients all over the world, wich love the premium music selection in their Sound Branding stations. These customers love professional service and modern way of broadcasting music. It is no surprise, that Ketchup Music and DJ Jondal go together well. The corporation starts in April 2017 with a four channel compilation. That means four different channels with an exclusive selection of tracks, known from compilations, radio shows and Jondals DJ-Sets.

Hotels, restaurants or bars around the globe can listen to high class channels named SPA SELECTION, LOUNGE SELECTION or CHILL HOUSE SELECTION. The 4th channel is called MIXTAPE and – as a surprise – contains wonderful mixes of chill out and lounge tunes.

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World Luxury Award 2012

Cover of the DJ Jondal CD compilation Global Grooves 4 for Porsche Design.Global Grooves 4 winner of World Luxury Award 2012

“We are very proud to announce that the Porsche Design “Global Grooves 4”, mixed and compiled by DJ Jondal, is winner of the World Luxury Award 2012 in the category design & accessories. Held in Monte-Carlo (Monaco), the World Luxury Award is focused on luxury brands to reward the creative excellence in advertising, design and multimedia.

The “Global Grooves 4” is now the 5th CD in the row which DJ Jondal has mixed and compiled for Porsche Design. It was released in August 2012 as limited edition with a laser coated metal plate especially for the 40th anniversary of Porsche Design. Agency: Kemper Kommunikation Frankfurt.”



Global Grooves 3 for Porsche Design

CD cover of the DJ Jondal compilation Global Grooves 3 for PORSCHE DESIGN.PORSCHE DESIGN – Global Grooves 3

Mixed and compiled by DJ Jondal for jondaljazz.

In selected PORSCHE DESIGN stores / in ausgewählten PORSCHE DESIGN Stores.

Enjoy another exclusive voyage with DJ Jondal. Here’s the story:

Facing The Sun – Livin’ in the Music – Lovin’ – Rise – Your Style – Most of this Moment – Gone Away – Time Comes – The Kiss – Gonna be my Day – Incense – Nana Umi – True.


Global Grooves 2 for Porsche Design

CD artwork of Global Grooves by DJ JondalPORSCHE DESIGN – Global Grooves II

Mixed and compiled by DJ Jondal for jondaljazz.

In selected PORSCHE DESIGN stores / in ausgewählten PORSCHE DESIGN Stores.

From the CD:
“Porsche Design and DJ Jondal take another journey through the metropolitan cities of the world. Capturing the vibe of the busy streets and the luxurious nightlife. From London to Berlin and from São Paulo to New York – just to name a few. Energetic sounds which combine superb taste of music and everyday lifestyle. Upgrade your travel and and enjoy the ride.”