“Music combines people of all races, religions + countries and has no borders.
Maybe politicians should listen more to music.”
DJ Jondal

Premium DJ booking:

Dear fans and listeners of my Lounge & Global Grooves & Premium DJ Events,

releasing the 92nd Compilation “Obsession Lounge #10” in July 2017 I would like to thank all of my faithful fans, listeners and supporters from all over the world for the tremendous feedback on my music selections and DJ Events….

If you like to book me as a Premium Event DJ for a special occasion or  just have a simple question – I look forward to hear from you – until then stay jondalized !

Love & Peace – Jondal


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  1. Jonathan

    I have a simple question.

    I heard a brilliant mix, featuring a female vocalist, of ‘Here Comes The Sun’ while in the restaurant at the Motel One Munchen-City-Sud last night (Monday 14 March 2016).

    Reception at the hotel recommended I contact you to find out the details about who was singing and how I can find a copy/download.

    The whole playlist sounded mighty. And so does Hollywood Chillin’ Pt 4 which I have just been listening to.

    Hope you can help.

    Thank you


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