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Meet DJ Jondal in 2019 live

DJ Jondal

Photo by Steffen Gottschling

DJ Jondal increased his public dates to give you a chance to meet and greet. Here’s a selection of public dates in Munich and Hamburg — get jondalized:


  • LUNAPARTY – Bayerischer Hof / Blue Spa – Munich – Dates 2019:
    21.01., 19.02., 21.03., 17.04., 16.05., 17.06., 16.07., 14.08., 13.09., 12.10., 08.11., 11.12.2019
  • Planetarium Hamburg – ALL NACHT – Jondal’s Space Lounge – Dates 2019:
    23.03., 29.06., 21.09., 21.12.2019

Obsession Lounge 10 by DJ Jondal

Obsession Lounge vol. 10 by DJ Jondal. Picture by Chris Remspecher for the blog post in 2017.Time to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the successful series Obsession Lounge!

The release of Obsession lounge vol. 10 as physical CD and download is a great honour and pleasure. Once again carefully selected tunes by great artists and producers from different corners of the world give this compilation the certain ingredients which are known to Jondal fans around the world. A musical journey that pulls you into a mystical  world and soothes your soul.

Get Jondalized and thank you for supporting the artists and DJ Jondal!.

Love & Peace

DJ Jondal and Ketchup Music start Cooperation

DJ Jondal stations at Ketchup Music in 2017.
DJ Jondal and Ketchup Music start a new Cooperation

Ketchup Music is an exclusive and high-end B2B music provider for hotels, restaurants, bars and any other public locations. They have clients all over the world, wich love the premium music selection in their Sound Branding stations. These customers love professional service and modern way of broadcasting music. It is no surprise, that Ketchup Music and DJ Jondal go together well. The corporation starts in April 2017 with a four channel compilation. That means four different channels with an exclusive selection of tracks, known from compilations, radio shows and Jondals DJ-Sets.

Hotels, restaurants or bars around the globe can listen to high class channels named SPA SELECTION, LOUNGE SELECTION or CHILL HOUSE SELECTION. The 4th channel is called MIXTAPE and – as a surprise – contains wonderful mixes of chill out and lounge tunes.

Get more info about Ketchup Music and its services click here.
If you want to hear DJ Jondals exclusive compilation click here.

Obsession Lounge vol. 9 by DJ Jondal. Picture by Chris Remspecher in 2016.

Obsession Lounge 9

Obsession Lounge vol. 9 by DJ Jondal. Picture by Chris Remspecher in 2016.

Obsession Lounge vol.9 by DJ Jondal!

Just in time for summer Clubstar Records has released the 9th double CD „Obsession Lounge“ of the cult series. Again DJ Jondal has carefully selected precious musical gems from around the world with a mystical flavor of 1001 &  one nights and spiced it up with the beats and sound of an oriental bazar in Morocco.

This new CD will again be heard on the easy listening ICE channel (onboard program) on all EMIRATES flights.

Available in CD & download & stream format at all stores.

Have a pleasant journey and get Jondalized!

Daydreamer 1

Daydreamer vol. 1 by DJ Jondal in 2015.Daydreamer vol.1 by DJ Jondal!

Jondal’s premium selection of unique tunes which you can enjoy while simply doing nothing or if at all just chilling!

Mesmerizing, soothing and uplifting music for your mind, body & soul. DJ Jondal recommends that both CDs should be listened to in its entirety to reveal its magical secrets.

Rare collectors edition!

Get Jondalized and enjoy your life with music!

Obsession Lounge 8

Obsession Lounge vol.8 by DJ Jondal in 2014.Obsession Lounge vol.8 by DJ Jondal!

Once again Jondal’s musical journey continues on this meanwhile 8th edition of the Obsession Lounge series. This is not necessarily normal in todays music market but rather the result of passionate research and love for the music owed to the many fans throughout the world.

Carefully selected relaxed tunes from all corners of the globe and blended into a soothing mix which makes you forget the daily stress which surrounds us.

This CD can again be enjoyed on the EMIRATES onboard program.

Enjoy the music and live your dream!

China Moon

China Moon Compilation by DJ Jondal for the Mandarin Oriental Munich in 2013. Picture by Chris Remspecher.China Moon compilation by DJ Jondal.

This limited edition was especially produced for the VIP customers of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Munich. From the CD:

“The China Moon Roof Terrace at Mandarin Oriental, Munich with its spectacular view overlooking the city of Munich up to the Alps is still an insider tip. The best sounds of the summer are now combined at this compilation – China Moon Lounge to go.”

Obsession Lounge 7

CD cover from Obsession Lounge 7 by DJ Jondal. Picture by Chris Remspecher in 2013.

Obsession Lounge vol. 7 by DJ Jondal. Travel with Jondal!

Obsession Lounge vol.7 made it again into the worlds famous online entertainment program of EMIRATES Airlines. This is the 4th DJ Jondal CD to be enjoyed on channel 992 3904!

“Nach nunmehr 6 DoppelCDs der Serie, ist es DJ Jondal auch dieses Mal gelungen, die namhaftesten Chillout & Lounge Produzenten auf den beiden Silberlingen zu vereinen. In der Tradition sind auch hier wieder einige exotische Klänge zu hören, welche unweigerlich zu Fernweh führen. Von Kairo nach Dubai, nach Tunis, weiter nach Ibiza, …
Gleich der erste Titel zieht den Hörer in den Bann und man glaubt, man sei bei den Beduinen in der Sahara angelangt. Künstler wie Afterlife, Bliss, Deep Dive Corporation und Paul Hardcastle, um hier nur einige zu nennen, bestechen mit Ihrem zeitlosen und unverwechselbaren Sound.
Auch mit dieser CD ist es Jondal, nun zum 4. Mal in Folge gelungen, in das weltweit erfolgreichste Onboard Unterhaltungs Programm, der EMIRATES Airlines, zu gelangen.
Die Obsession Lounge erklingt auf Channel 992.”

World Luxury Award 2012

Cover of the DJ Jondal CD compilation Global Grooves 4 for Porsche Design.Global Grooves 4 winner of World Luxury Award 2012

“We are very proud to announce that the Porsche Design “Global Grooves 4”, mixed and compiled by DJ Jondal, is winner of the World Luxury Award 2012 in the category design & accessories. Held in Monte-Carlo (Monaco), the World Luxury Award is focused on luxury brands to reward the creative excellence in advertising, design and multimedia.

The “Global Grooves 4” is now the 5th CD in the row which DJ Jondal has mixed and compiled for Porsche Design. It was released in August 2012 as limited edition with a laser coated metal plate especially for the 40th anniversary of Porsche Design. Agency: Kemper Kommunikation Frankfurt.”